Inspired by IZI Stevens

In may 2020 we, GreenLeafHarmony and IZI Stevens, both discovered the TikTok world. We were fascinated by IZI’s movements and Izi felt intrigued by our knowledge, strength and positivity. We discovered we both were sharing the same values: spreading kindness, empathy, positivity and both of us being interested in Yoga, Ayurveda, Mental Health, Nature and Movement.
We started to get inspiration during the lockdown and found support while developing our own projects. Meanwhile, by supporting each others ideas and driving each other to our own full potential in our own expertise, we were able to grow and continue our road. Together you’re stronger!
When Emilia started to design the first apparel collection she was inspired by IZI’s world. When this collection came out, we felt that our soul project was born: ‘WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS’.
Our aim is to inspire you a positive mindset and balanced lifestyle and be part of the project.