Our Cause



 At GreenLeafHarmony, we believe that good physical health begins with good mental health. That’s why we’re proud to partner with STRONGMINDS, a nonprofit organisation that provides mental health services to women in Uganda and Zambia.

For women in Africa, these resources are as scarce as they are valuable. But when we are strong both mentally and physically, we all rise higher.

“A clear and open mind will give you the inner peace you are searching for and the energy to feel your deeper self.”

This bit of wisdom is from José A. Bueno, M.D., a mental health professional who has helped us personally overcome depression and anxiety. We live the truth of this quote every day, and we want to share the power of good mental health care with as many people in as many ways as possible.

We invite you to join us in our mission. Please consider making a donation directly to STRONGMINDS by clicking the link below.


You can also purchase our STRONGMINDS Hoodie / Sweatshirt which we designed in honour of the organisation’s inspiring work and whose profits we donate to STRONGMINDS.



STRONGMINDS empowers impoverished African women by treating depression at scale and enables these women and their families to lead more healthy, productive, and satisfying lives.

“For every woman who restores her mental health,
five members of her household benefit”